Covid19 – Planning your Renovation Project

If anything a bit of Covid19 lockdown isolation has taught me, it’s focus on what matters to you. A lot of us have spent the last 8 weeks in our homes working, or not working, but still pondering over the current situation and how it impacts your household, as well as what your dreams and goals may be and if they are now achievable.

From talking with friends and clients, it seems now more than ever, Covid19 has put things into perspective for a lot of people and they are now deciding to go for some of those goals sooner.

For some this means that their plans of building a new home might now be on the back burner and they have opted to renovate their existing home instead. Others have decided that their existing home is where they wish to remain but it needs a good freshen up.

Whatever the reason, its still wise to make a solid plan on what you are wanting to achieve. Investigate, research and learn. Investigate your style, research the products and materials you love and learn about what you have just discovered. There’s no chance you can over-plan a reno project.

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Now is the perfect time to do this while life seems a little slower than we are perhaps use to. Do a realistic plan of your budget. How much you can afford to spend on each area. Investigate, research and learn is most relevant to budgets and costings too.

Ultimately, you will get what you pay for. So you need to be clear on motivations. Do you appreciate quality and well-designed spaces? Do you like a particular style? Or is this a short-term 2-5yr house which needs to be on-sold for as much as possible?

The COVID curve ball has certainly put pressure on all of this, but I think we should seize the opportunities where they present themselves, like having the luxury of more time to plan the important stuff, so when you’re ready to roll down the track, you’ll be in there like swimwear! So to speak….

Investing in the advice of an Interior Designer is a smart first step towards accomplishing your dream project. Starting with an in-home consultation will allow you to look at all areas of your project, and understand what you are wanting to achieve. This makes the design and renovation process more enjoyable, whether you decide to continue with a designer or go it alone.

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I’ve personally felt more compelled to focus on great designs and quality of work now more than ever. Budgets, timeframes and scheduling, whilst are super important can often impact designing when this really is a vital part of the project. After all, this is why a client picks you in the first place. It’s a fine art of getting all these pieces to seamlessly work together and I believe with the right amount of planning to start with, we can get this right and the rest of the project becomes much more enjoyable.

Whilst things seem a little scary at the moment, and perhaps its loss of income thats driving your concerns, be sure that with planning, you’re not necessarily committing to the entire project. But, when the time comes and you DO decide to go ahead, you’ll be ready!