The Modern Model

Are you looking to renovate or build your dream home but have no idea where to start? You know you need help but don’t know the process or how any of this design and build stuff works.

We have outlined the process for you below to make it easier to understand, and have made up a new method to make the design process even simpler. We call it “The Modern Model”.

The traditional way of engaging a designer can often occur later in the game when it’s too late to change things. We think its best to come on board when you are looking to design the house. This way we can can discuss your needs and requirements and have a good understanding of how you and your family live. Then we can turn your house into a home!

Triple D Journey

We are ignoring the ‘old’ way of doing things – hourly rates, fee proposals with variations, estimations of time – and adapting a new way. A three stage process thats simple and easy to understand. Certainty of cost from the start. This makes life easier for all of us.


In our discovery session we will come to you, look at your existing house and / or new build ideas and identify the areas where you might be stuck.

Green Room Studio Exterior Design
Cabinetry Design, Sam Elliot


We take our sketches from the discovery session and develop and refine them into masterpieces!

This is really where the fun begins!


Delivery stage is vital for executing your masterpiece well.

We take each space and develop it further into full documentation and working drawings for your builder / architect and suppliers and manufactures to build from.

Exterior Design, Samantha Elliot