Faulder Ave

  • 2016

A well designed urban haven in amongst the concrete jungle of Auckland’s suburb, Westmere. The clients had a strong appreciation for good design and quality materials which made this project a pleasure to be apart of.
Entirely custom built cabinetry engulfs almost every room of this home, from the kitchen through to the living, bathrooms to the office and even the informal music room / library space. Full height joinery surrounds the house along with a double height suite beside the stairwell which floods the living room with layers of shadowing from the bespoke full height stainless steel rod balustrade.
The well thought out landscaping finishes this project beautifully and sets it apart from its surrounding homes.

Interior Design, Award winning
Cabinetry Design, Sam Elliot
Stair Design, Green Room Studio
Library & Media Cabinetry Design
Green Room Studio Exterior Design